The Panelbeating Process

The panelbeating process can be quite daunting for someone who has never been through it before. Here is a step-by-step guide that we follow:

After receiving our quotation, submit it to your broker/insurer together with your completed claim form if you have not submitted a claim form yet.

Small claims are processed electronically which means they are digitally assessed, based on photographs of the damage. Subject to the clarity of the photographs, there is no need to appoint an assessor.

Upon authorisation of repairs, and having established parts availability (if applicable), a booking is made for the vehicle to be repaired. When arranging a booking, it is in most cases not possible to commit to an exact completion date and time, for reasons such as:

    • Previously unseen damage or faults that manifest themselves later during the repair process or during a road test;
    • Parts availability and/or late arrival of parts;
    • The vehicle passing our inter-departmental and final quality control;

Panel shop: Complete check-in check list, start stripping for repairs and report any unseen damage to assessor. Commence repairs on all work authorized. Do diagnostic measuring and/or precision straightening if applicable.

Paint shop: Do relevant paint prep, spray work, finishing and polishing of painted components.

Assembly: This is the final stage of the repair process where repaired panels are refitted, aligned, trim applied where applicable etc. The vehicle is test driven (if applicable)

Cleaning & Wash Bay: The vehicle interior & exterior is cleaned and polished.

Final QC: Though inter-departmental quality checks are done, the vehicle undergoes a final quality control inspection to ensure that all is in order.

Enjoy a cup of refreshment while having a quote prepared or booking in/collecting your vehicle.